How to Promote a Laundry Business With SEO

You’ve got your laundromat all set up and going. The business plan and goals are set, you received funding from a venture capital fund like Clean Venture, and you’ve got the right location, equipment, and people working out well. But wait, you know what’s missing?

Customers! Sure, you have people taking advantage of your laundry services as they pass by your location, but the opportunity to grow your customer base is there, and you shouldn’t miss it! This is where digital marketing comes along, starting off with Search Engine Optimization.

Here are a few tips to help you promote your laundry business with the help of SEO.

  1. Rank High in Search Results Pages

The main advantage of SEO is how it helps your business’ website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs), which attract a ton of targeted traffic. Traffic from other areas like social media platforms is also important, traffic coming from Google can convert into leads and sales better.

You can rank even higher on SERPs by publishing blogs that have high-quality keywords related to the industry and what your target market is searching for. Also, you should link your blog posts to authoritative websites, media outlets, and industry blogs, which can boost your rank even more.

  1. Aim to Get Location-Based Traffic

Local SEO techniques are advantageous for businesses like laundromats that gain profit from customers in one area. This is why you should focus on getting location-based traffic rather than website traffic from around the world, which won’t get you as many conversions.

To do this, ensure that your business’ name, address, and contact numbers are consistent throughout all your websites, social media accounts, and any online business directory listings. If you’re listed on review apps and websites, update your business’ information there, too.

  1. Update Your Google My Business

If you don’t have a Google My Business (GMB) listing, you better do it right now! Search engines appreciate businesses more if they have GMB listings, especially when it comes to local search. The GMB is a free service for businesses, taking only a few minutes to sign up and get it running.

The information you post on your GMB should be consistent with your website and online profiles, and it should be complete with all details posted. Leave no information behind, as this can trouble viewers and have them more inclined to choose competitors with detailed listings.

  1. Collect Customer Reviews

One SEO strategy that more businesses use is to collect customer reviews from review sites and apps. You want a ton of genuine and positive customer reviews, as this is a huge factor potential customers look into before they decide to choose you as their regular laundromat. Do NOT pay for fake reviews and just encourage current customers to leave reviews online.

SEO can help get your website and brand name seen organically, which is great for new entrepreneurs. Follow these tips above and see how they can help your business immensely now!

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