Built to Win with Neora: Boost Productivity and Achieve Your Goals in 5 Easy Steps

Welcome to the Built to Win podcast, where we help you level up your business game and develop a success mindset for the long haul. In this episode, we’re excited to share five proven time management techniques to help you gain an extra 5 hours per week, courtesy of Neora’s President Amber Olson Rourke.

Amber is passionate about this topic. She has implemented these strategies in her life and seen the transformative results. She emphasizes that effective time management is not just about managing your time but, more importantly, managing your attention and focus—your most precious commodities.

The first step Amber highlights is the importance of being proactive rather than reactive with your time and attention. Today’s world is constantly bombarded with distractions and urgencies, from social media notifications to emails and text messages. This can lead to a mind that is easily distracted and pulls us away from our true priorities.

Amber suggests that to combat this, you should start your week by planning. Dedicate 10-15 minutes on a consistent day, like Friday afternoon or Sunday evening, to review your progress, identify your key focus areas for the coming week, and schedule time to work on those priorities. By pre-scheduling your proactive activities, you can create boundaries and prevent yourself from being pulled into the reactive zone.

The second tip is to utilize time blocks, which Amber describes as one of the most effective ways to create focus and flow. By grouping similar activities, you can tap into your brain’s natural ability to enter a state of deep focus and productivity. This is far more efficient than constantly switching between tasks, which can be mentally draining and lead to reduced effectiveness.

Amber emphasizes the importance of honoring these time blocks as if they were any other appointment on your calendar. It’s easy to let other obligations or requests take priority, but by maintaining discipline and protecting this time, you can make meaningful progress on your goals.

The third tip is to turn off all notifications during focused work sessions. The constant pings and dings from our devices can be incredibly disruptive, pulling us out of our flow and fragmenting our attention. Amber suggests silencing these notifications so you can immerse yourself in the task without constant interruptions.

The fourth tip is eliminating multitasking, which Amber calls a highly inefficient practice. Research has shown that juggling multiple tasks simultaneously reduces productivity and increases stress and memory loss. Amber encourages you to focus on one thing at a time, allowing your brain to engage and deliver your best work fully.

Finally, the fifth tip is to educate your home or office environment about your need for focused time. Amber shares her system of using a door hanger to signal to her family when she requires uninterrupted focus. By setting these clear boundaries and communicating your needs, you can create an environment that supports your productivity and helps you achieve your goals.

Amber’s passion for these time management techniques is evident. She has seen their incredible impact on her life and the lives of thousands of entrepreneurs she’s coached. By incorporating these strategies into your daily routine, you, too, can unlock an extra 5 hours per week, allowing you to make significant progress toward your Neora-driven dreams and aspirations.

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