Considering Outsourced IT Service Provider For Your Business? Check These Aspects!

The IT infrastructure of a growing organization can be hard to maintain. It is not very surprising that businesses are now outsourcing their security, support and other requirements to third-party vendors. When it comes to selecting the right IT service provider, it is important to think beyond the promises. In this post, we are discussing the major aspects that need attention.

Discuss security

Modern IT networks are complex, heterogenous and hybrid in nature. Most businesses are using cloud solutions in some form, while relying on on-premise solutions, as well. This kind of arrangement does offer cost benefits, but increases cybersecurity concerns too. For preventing cyberattacks, which can otherwise have serious consequences, it is necessary to have a proactive stance. That’s exactly what you must discuss with the managed service. Find what steps they are taking to protect your IT resources and network assets.

Don’t miss backup plans

No matter what you choose to outsource, you need to take regular backups of your data, even within the organization. Think of the numerous ways in which a data breach can happen, and if your company doesn’t have ready backups, you may have to recover everything, which may not be possible. Talk to the IT service provider to know how they are testing systems and using network resources, and whether they have a clear system for managing backups.

Figure out access

When you hire a managed IT service for any task, you are basically giving them access to various resources, data centers, servers and network assets. While this may reduce the work of your team, outsourcing doesn’t absolve your company from responsibility, in case of a breach. To be more precise, you need to know how the service provide is accessing resources and who has access to what. Ask them if they have a transparent access management system, and additional steps they follow to prevent a possible breach or security leak.

Think of collaboration

Businesses often forget that hiring outsourced IT services is not about finding temporary solutions – It is more about finding a trusted IT partner, who can offer advice, insight, and support for various IT & network needs, besides handling specific projects. Find an IT service provider that has the experience and expertise to offer scalable and affordable solutions, and they need to be available & accessible at all times.

Don’t shy away from asking the tough questions before you hire a managed IT service for your business.

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