How To Get Clients As A Lawyer

If you are following the path of legal entrepreneurship, at some point, the challenge will arise: how to win more clients in the legal profession or how to get clients as a lawyer? Here are some tips to guide you:

  1. Know Your Audience

When it comes to getting clients in the legal profession, you need, first of all, to get to know your audience. Find out what the needs of these people are and, mainly, what their objections are.

It is essential to have a clear definition of what your focus is and know your market. And remember: based on the assumption that you are not going to attract clients in the law firm, but rather to acquire your portfolio, you need to keep in mind that not every client is ideal for you.

If you try to win over all audiences, you will lose your identity and not be clear on the message you need to pass on to your potential customers. This is destructive to any business and, in doing so, you will run a serious risk of failure.

  1. Know How To Break Objections

Another fundamental point when it comes to soliciting clients in the legal profession is to be able to understand in advance what people’s objections would be when hiring their services. And here are highlight the two most common objections: the first is when the client asks himself: “is this lawyer capable of solving my problem?”

In this case, you must show your value and make sure that you can solve that customer’s problem. Maintain a firm stance and, if possible, present in advance some examples of actions that you have already taken that had a similar context.

The second is about the price when the client says that the fees are expensive. It can be said that this happens for two basic reasons: either he wants to bargain (and that is our culture) or he did not see enough value in his service and, therefore, he is finding his work “expensive.”

  1. Communicate With Your Potential Customers

Have you thought about betting on digital channels? Have a good website? Disclose information about your services on the internet? This is a great start! Working with legal marketing is what will get your message across to your potential customers.

If you need to win clients in law, invest in these channels, especially on the internet, where many people are looking for lawyer services. After all, the nominations will only come spontaneously when your name is already consolidated.

  1. Extend Your Connections

Anyone who works in the legal field knows that referrals are very common. Therefore, maintaining a good relationship network is essential to get clients into the legal profession.

Remember what I said in the first tip about getting to know your audience? You can easily connect with lawyers in other areas, for example, to “exchange” clients. That is: if you are a family lawyer and a former client comes with a tax problem, refer a friend or an office you trust to resolve that person’s problem. After all, when the opposite happens, who will receive the customer, and the referral is you!

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