Synology surveillance software: what you need to know

Synology is the number one producer of high-end surveillance software, hardware and data storage. With the Synology solutions, businesses are able to manage, store and protect data whenever and wherever needed. As a market leader, the tech company aims to keep providing its users with the maximum level of service, quality and compatibility to maintain and expand the elaborate surveillance systems businesses have implemented. However, the high level of service and compatibility with nearly all IP surveillance cameras comes at a cost: a Synology system is rather expensive. In order to justify the costs, the following should be considered.

Camera licenses

As a business user of Synology surveillance software, you’re able to expand your system at will. This means you’re able to purchase any IP camera and add it to your current set-up, given that it’s a Synology system. The only thing you need to add additional IP cameras is the appropriate Synology camera license. A  license of such enables users to quickly add the needed devices to their system. Qualified Synology partners provide camera licenses and offer the opportunity to install within minutes. Depending on what license package you decide to purchase, you can either add 4 to 8 new devices through one license. You’re provided your unique license through e-mail and are able to install upon receiving your purchase.

Maximum compatibility 

You may wonder why Synology asks money to install new devices, when you’ve already paid for the system, software and storage unit as well. The answer to this is simple: the company aims to keep its service level incredibly high, meaning they rely on additional purchases for licensing to fund further innovation. The fact that Synology software and the surveillance system is compatible with nearly any IP camera requires extensive research and technological advancement. To be able to provide users with this level of service, money is needed. So when you weigh up the costs of your camera license against the level of service you receive in return – and the cost you spare on not having to buy that single expansive camera because of compatibility issues – you’re probably a lot better off with just purchasing a license.

Trusted quality

Aside from the extensive compatibility, Synology offers trusted quality at all times. This means your data is well-protected and stored safely without the need for several systems. This poses benefits to any company looking to streamline processes and upgrade their surveillance system. Warehouses and vast office spaces are benefitting from Synology’s products just by having an all-encompassing surveillance system that can be expanded at any time and to any extent.

In short, before you decide to purchase a cheap surveillance system just to cut costs, be aware that the costs might end up higher in the end.

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