Why Do So Many Companies Base Their Operations in Vanuatu?

Many people have never heard of Vanuatu, and those that have heard the name would be hard-pressed to tell you where in the world it is located. The full name of this small South Pacific Island nation is the Republic of Vanuatu, which is situated about 1,700km east of northern Australia, southeast of the Solomon Islands and west of Fiji.

Offshore Companies

Much like many other small nations in the world, the government of Vanuatu offers foreign businesses very attractive terms, should they wish to register their offshore companies in Vanuatu, with no income, corporate, company or capital gains tax levied on an offshore company. This immediately makes setting up a business in Vanuatu very appealing, and is a major reason why this tropical paradise island has so many registered companies.

Set Up for International Commerce

The small island nation of Vanuatu is geared up for servicing international businesses, with accounting and bookkeeping services readily available, plus there are 5-star office amenities available to lease if you plan on opening a local office. English is the spoken language, plus all business documents are in the English language, so there are no annoying language barriers when you start a company in Vanuatu.

Expert Assistance

If you are seriously thinking about forming a company in Vanuatu, there are specialist chartered accountants that are based on this tropical island, and they are more than qualified to advise you on taxation and other issues, making sure that you get the maximum benefit when forming your company. It only takes a few days to get all the necessary things done, then you can begin trading, safe in the knowledge that your new business is legal and above board.

No Need for Annual Audited Accounts

Another very attractive aspect of starting a company in Vanuatu is the minimal amount of bureaucracy, and there is no requirement for annual company audits, which are both time-consuming and very expensive. Indeed, any offshore company that has a foreign income is not subject to taxation of any form.

When you compare the business climate in Vanuatu with other locations, it is hardly surprising that a large majority of entrepreneurs decide to use this friendly island as their business base, and by talking to a local chartered accountant, you can quickly discover the many benefits that are on offer to those who wish to set up a company in Vanuatu.








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